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Windshield Replacement

Your windshield is a safety device and needs to be installed by professionals.


West Coast Auto Glass provides windshield replacements. We use only the highest quality products and sealants.

West Coast Auto Glass can file your insurance claim with all major insurance companies or provide you with an estimate.

ADAS Recalibration

West Coast Auto Glass offers state of the art driver assist recalibration services. Using Autel Maxisys Recalibration.


Our technicians are certified to recalibrate your windshield's safety features.


The process for recalibration follows four major steps:

  1. Pre-scan: to certify all safety features are functioning normally.

  2. Replacement: West Coast Auto Glass Specialists will replace your windshield to meet or exceed FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards) Standards.

  3. Recalibration: Recalibration is divided into two processes, dynamic and static.

  4. Post-scan: The final step to ensure the camera is functioning properly, post calibration.

Rock Chip

Fortunately, not all damage to your windshield requires replacement. If a rock hits your windshield and creates a chip that does not obstruct your line of vision, there is an alternative.


If the chip has not progressed or “run” beyond its ability to be repaired, we can use our tri-glass rock chip repair system to seal the existing damage and prevent further damage.


By inspecting your vehicle, our technicians can help you determine whether chip repair or windshield replacement is the best option for you.

Since most insurance companies would prefer that you repair, not replace, they will, in most cases, waive your deductible for rock chip repairs and will cover the cost of the repair.


At West Coast Auto Glass, we replace broken door glass, back windows, quarter glass, Vent Glass, Panoramic Roofs/Sunroofs.

We can also replace regulators and motors that operate your power windows.

We offer mirror replacements.

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